Buoyancy Control

Credence McFadzean on Buoyancy Control

“Through Gruber’s formal skill, her expert control of metre and line breaks, her knack for marrying distinctive images and finding the most moving verbs, even moments of discomfort are rendered ecstatically. Her book also boasts the most sultry jellyfish poem this reviewer has ever encountered.”

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Emma Healey on Buoyancy Control:

“Adrienne Gruber’s Buoyancy Control is a book about water that’s really a book about bodies – what they are capable of together and on their own. Moving through lakes and oceans to dreamier, less literal spaces, these poems, like their subject matter, are playful and dark in equal measure”
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Published as part of Leaf Press’ Gesture seriesMimic is a twisting, clever collection replete with tentacle-like lines and a weird tensile strength. The book “mimics” the undulating grace and alien appearance of an octopus in its content, and the theme is also carried over into the physical layout of the poetry, which is as strangely shaped as it is strangely beautiful…

This is the Nightmare

Carrie Prefontaine on This Is The Nightmare:

Adrienne Gruber’s This is the Nightmare is a collection of deeply reflective poems that will appeal to anyone seeking to understand the complexities of love and language.

“I don’t pick up foreign languages well,” the poet laments in “Dead Language,” and this is a theme carried throughout “Limbo,” the first section of the volume. Whether the poet is speaking a “jumbled commentary on who we never were” in “Our Frantic Language,” or reading the “Tabloid Poems” that “scald a pink fleshy tongue,” words themselves are suspect. In these poems, language is most meaningful when it manifests through the physical…

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Midwest Book Review on This Is The Nightmare:

The New Leaf Editions series has always been about bringing new poets to the public eye, and “This is the Nightmare” is another entry. Adrienne Gruber has had some minor success, and her debut book collects her wit and wisdom for the first time, showing people why she is considered one of Canada’s best new poets…

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Bill Robertson on This Is The Nightmare: