Talking Sculptures, Sexy Sea Creatures, and Dinner with Your Ex: A Review of Plenitude’s Third Issue

A nice review of Plentitude’s third issue, of which I just happen to be in.

Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian

plenitude third issueThe third issue of Plenitude certainly starts off on a high note: Vancouver writer and performance artist Amber Dawn’s short story “The Nevelson” is a brilliant, fantastical, cheeky, and funny piece of fiction.  Queer and feminist in the oddest and most wonderful ways, “The Nevelson” follows a seven-year-old girl who is forced to spend her time wandering around an art gallery where her artist mother works as a volunteer,

because that is one of the few ways in which poor, untrained female artists come to be affiliated with galleries. Even I know this, and I am seven years old. Mother also has hopes of meeting men, who know what kind of wine to order at dinner, men that tune into jazz radio as they lead her to the bedroom. She claims I’m a drag on her mojo.

AmberDawn_2012This girl is surprised to find out one day that an art…

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